New Education Laws in California for 2018

New Education Laws in California for 2018


The state legislature of California has passed several new laws governing education in 2017, according to San Francisco Personal Injury lawyer. Most of them are in effect from the 1st of January, 2018. Many new laws affect a staggering majority of students while some are focused on regulating agencies and departments. Every student and their parents should read these new education laws.


  • All fulltime students attending community colleges can have the tuition fee for the first year waived completely. The students must apply and qualify for such financial assistance under California Dream Act or FAFSA and they should be enrolled at the community colleges for at least twelve semester units. All students attending any community college in the state can sign up for any online course, that could be offered by any other college or university or specific campus, and attend such a course without paying any additional tuition fees. Equity plans for students now must have categories covering gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and homeless students.


  • Colleges and universities cannot seek any information or documentation pertaining to the status of immigration of students or faculty and their families. Non-teaching faculty or staff is also included in this group. Effectively, there can be no discrimination on the basis of immigration or citizenship. California State University will be putting up housing costs near the campus on their official websites. The University of California campuses will also be requested to post such information so students and their families can get a comprehensive idea of the cost of living off campus.


  • Students graduating high school will not have to pass the exit exam. The exit exam is no longer a condition to receive the diploma. All high schools and middle schools have to now equip half of their onsite bathrooms with feminine hygiene products. These products will be available for free. Charter schools need to be more forthcoming and lucid about the terms or grounds on the basis of which students can be admitted, expelled or suspended.


  • California now prohibits the possession of firearms in a designated school zone. Any resident or nonresident carrying a firearm will not be able to seek the permission of a superintendent to do so legally. This is a much needed step to ensure safety of children. The enforcement will obviously be the key as many such laws exist but there are many who flout them.


  • In an attempt to improve the education system in a holistic manner, student board members have been given preferential voting rights across all school districts and educational boards. Student board members will get all the minutes and materials of open meetings and will also be a part of the staff briefings. There are significant regulatory changes to design & construction of schools, instructional facilities and other infrastructures initiated by the school districts.


  • Some of the new laws focus on curriculum including Native American studies, health and sex education, relationship abuse and intimate partner violence. Meal shaming has been effectively prohibited. Universal meal service is assured to almost a million students from low income families.


Will a Drunk Driving Conviction Stop You From Becoming a Teacher?

For millions and millions of people all over the world, the opportunity to become a teacher and to influence an entire generation of four that matter) of young people is the culmination of a lifetime of work and a dream they’ve had their entire lives.

This is why so many people are concerned about whether or not a simple slipup and a blemish on their permanent criminal record is going to preclude them from becoming a teacher in the first place or require them to leave their position as a teacher if they were already hired on in this position.


While the rules, regulations, hiring practices, and legal requirements are different from one area of the country to the next – as well as from country to country – there are some simple and straightforward basics that carryover regardless of where you are on the planet or what teaching position you are interested in pursuing.

Hopefully we are going to be able to shed a little bit of light on the situation and give you the kinds of answers you are looking for.

Shall we dive right in?

Teaching in the United States (specifically California) with a drunk driving conviction

If you are looking to pursue a degree or a career as a teacher in the United States, you are going to be subjected to a more rigorous background check than most other individuals in most other career fields.

You are going to have to go through the traditional background check that everyone that has the opportunity to work with children or minors will have to go through, but you’re also going to be asked a series of probing questions into your background during the interview and application process as well.

In the state of California, you’re also going to have to go up in front of a Committee on Credentials review and face disciplinary action as a teacher or applicant for a teaching position if you have any of the following on your criminal record:

A conviction of a DUI isn’t necessarily going to involve an automatic suspension of your teaching position or a disqualification from the application process, but it isn’t going to help separate you from the rest of the potential candidates, either.

Multiple convictions will certainly look unfavorable on your application, though on the flip side convictions from a significant amount of time in the past – without any recent convictions – may not be judged quite as harshly as recent ones will be.

It’s important for you to be upfront and honest with full disclosure in regards to any and all situations regarding your criminal background or instances where you’ve come into contact with police officers or the court system. Disclosure and honesty will always be better received than deception.

Teaching in the United Kingdom with a drunk driving conviction

Teachers in the United Kingdom will have to go through an enhanced version of the Disclosure & Barring Service checks, though they aren’t going to have to go through the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act of 1974.

This enhanced version of the DBS check is going to dive deeper into criminal convictions and cautions, though these should have already been disclosed during the traditional training course or application process, believes DUI Attorney San Joaquin County. A DBS check (formerly referred to as a CRB check) is going to penetrate deeper and deeper into your background, and will reveal information about your convictions as well as instances where you weren’t convicted.

All violent criminals, those with serious sexual assault convictions, those with serious drug convictions, and any convictions or cautions regarding violence towards children or vulnerable adults will be immediately disbarred from pursuing a career in teaching and will also be automatically suspended from their teaching position if they already held one.


Minor convictions are not always going to trigger these kinds of reactions, and those with a single DUI (especially if it was from years and years ago) usually aren’t going to face significant punishment or find themselves disqualified – provided that they disclosed the information before it was uncovered during the DBS check, as argued by El Dorado County Personal Injury Attorneys.

As in the United States, honesty is always the best policy. Disclose your information on your own, explain your situation fully, and you shouldn’t have to worry about pursuing your dream career in education.

Breaking Down the Best Prep Schools in the United Kingdom

If you want to be certain that your son or daughter get the very best education possible in the United Kingdom, then the odds are pretty good that you’ve begun to look into preparatory schools throughout the UK to help meet those demands.

Of course, the UK is home to some of the very best preparatory schools around the world – as well as some of the oldest and most prestigious. You’ll want to begin your research phase just as soon as humanly possible so that you have more than enough time to prepare yourself and your student for the application process. Many of them are quite rigorous and involved, so you want to give yourself just as much time as reasonably possible.


To help you better navigate this situation, we provided some inside information below that you will appreciate.

Shall we jump right in?

The benefits of preparatory schooling in the UK

The benefits of sending your student to a preparatory school in the United Kingdom are significant.

Not only are they almost guaranteed to get a higher quality education across the board, but the odds of them getting a higher quality specialized education are also more significant. This is incredibly important for students that have already begun to understand what they’d like to do in the future, as they will be able to take advantage of courses that are more in line with their overall goals.

On top of that, the socialization and networking opportunities afforded in the best preparatory schools in the UK are second to none. These are the kinds of schools that help students forge solid relationships that will carry on for the rest of their lives.

The average cost of sending a single student to prep school in the UK

There is a common misconception throughout the United Kingdom (and around the rest of the world, for that matter) that preparatory schools are too expensive for most to attend their

Nothing could be further from the truth.

At most schools, you aren’t going to be spending a lot more than £6000 ($6530) a year on tuition, though some schools (especially the more prestigious) are going to require a tuition considerably higher than that. Some boarding school fees can reach upwards of £19,000 ($20678) a year.

There are almost always financing options available for parents that want their children to attend the best preparatory schools in the UK, and many of them are quite friendly to those that will need to be conscious of their budget and their funds.

How to find the best prep schools in the United Kingdom

It’s rather simple and straightforward to find the best preparatory schools in the United Kingdom, especially if you know what your student wants to pursue.

All of the top preparatory schools in the UK have websites that show their course schedules and class offerings, information about all alumni, and opportunities to visit the school in person to see what life there is all about before you commit.

These kinds of opportunities should always be taken advantage of if you have the chance. The kind of inside information you receive on one of these trips is second to none.

A handful of top private preparatory school options you’ll want to consider

Cardiff Sixth Form College

Cardiff, is widely considered to be one of the best (if not THE best) preparatory school in the United Kingdom, this private educational opportunity offers both days schooling and board schooling opportunities as well as coeducational programs for boys as well as girls.

Queen Ethelburga’s College – York

Ranking right up there with the Cardiff school, Queen Ethelburga’s College also offers boarding and day school opportunities and is classified as coeducational. The alumni from this preparatory school is especially distinguished, and it is certainly one of the more challenging schools to get accepted into.

Concord College – Shrewsbury


The application process for Concord College in the United Kingdom is rigorous and one of the longest you’ll have to push through, but acceptance here is a sure fire way to all but guarantee acceptance into any of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, which allows entry into the top law schools as well, according to Solano County DUI Defense Attorney. Coeducational and offering both day and board school opportunities, it has a higher annual cost of tuition but it isn’t anything outrageous.

No matter which school your child is accepted to, you have taken a serious step to ensure they have a future filled with personal success and plenty of options for colleges and universities.